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Adam is exactly the person you want in the rehearsal room.


Among my most treasured artistic/thought partners, Adam is exactly the person you want in the rehearsal room. His imagination, style, and insistence on adaptive, collaborative leadership, are hard to beat. The whimsy and hopefulness Adam brings to each project is elevated by his championing of voices not typically heard on our stages. He is a natural at genuine, relationship-based generative processes, devoid of ego or siloization. I always look forward to our next adventure!

Chelsea Radigan
Literary Manager, Mosaic Theater Company of DC

His creativity knows no bounds.


Some of my favorite memories as an actor center on my experience working with Adam. His creativity knows no bounds. He has the ability to take a bare space and turn it into a brand-new world for the audience to dive into headfirst. He is given a concrete floor and sees an ocean or a forest; a brick wall becomes a doorway to a world of possibility.  Any time I finish a contract with Adam, I am already looking forward to the next one.

Rachel Marrs,

Richmond, Virginia-based Actor

Working for Adam was an actor’s dream.

Never have I worked with a director who was more collaborative, approachable, and committed to the story-telling.

Rachel Hindman

Los Angeles, California-based Actor

Adam brings great skills and sensitivity to his work onstage and off.

The passion to get it right is very strong in him. He always wants the best and works hard to make sure things reach a standard that he has set. His ability to make those around him feel appreciated, while still having a firm grasp on what needs to be done, is one of Adam’s greatest strengths.

Joseph Martinez,

Artistic Director, MCT Inc.

The final product was the best production I’ve ever been a part of.


Directing a relatively unknown production is a daunting task for any theatre professional, but Adam had a beautiful vision he was able to express for both performers and designers alike. From the first read through opening night, Adam B. Ferguson was there to share his vision, while also listening to the ideas of his creative team and to the cast, finding a beautiful approach to appeal to audiences. He creates a welcoming, opening space that fosters creativity, while also having a deep understanding the of needs of everyone. I’d work with Adam again in a minute, whatever the project may be.

Skyler Broughman

Richmond, Virginia-based Lighting Designer

He gets up on stage and does the work alongside you.

Adam is the kind of director that is passionate about and wants to be involved in every detail. He’s doesn’t sit in the back of the auditorium and shout out notes. He gets up on stage and does the work alongside you, both to ensure his vision is being communicated, and to make sure you as the actor, designer, or technician feel supported and free to create with him.

Addi Helms
Ohio-based Actor

A delightful, creative experience!


I had the pleasure of working under Adam’s direction in a production of The Boy in the Bathroom. It was a delightful, creative experience! He collaborated with the entire creative team, including the playwright and composer, and guided the project with a deft hand!

Catherine Shaffner (AEA)

Richmond, Virginia-based Actor

His passion for theatre and creating meaningful art is apparent in all aspects of his work.



I have had the pleasure of working with Adam B. Ferguson on multiple occasions, both as my director, and as a fellow teaching artist. As a director, he made the process safe, allowing the cast to feel comfortable taking risks with the work and diving deeper into their characters. He would consider ideas from all members of the artistic team, making everyone feel valued and heard. As a teaching artist, Adam was always professional, diligent, and supportive. His passion for theatre and creating meaningful art is apparent in all aspects of his work.

Grace McGeoch
Montana-based Actor & Teaching Artist

He immediately made it feel like such a welcoming environment.


I had the wonderful experience of being directed by Adam in Charlotte's Web at Missoula Children's Theatre during the Summer of 2019. When we started the rehearsal process, he immediately made it feel like such a welcoming environment. He invited us as actors to play and experiment and find what we needed to have a better understanding of our character. He also has a fantastic mix of knowing when to play and have fun and when we need to be more serious to try to either fix a problem or make sure we get something right. He wanted to make sure we were as prepared as possible, not only for ourselves but so that the kids who came and saw it would never forget their experience at the theatre. I would love to work with him again in the future and put on more stunning productions.”

Griffin Hutchins

Georgia-based Actor

Adam is not a triple threat, he is an everything threat.


Performing, directing, collaborating, administrating, and, and, and... Adam does it all and he does it with an energy that is engaging and inclusive that ensures every project he commits his time and talents comes to fruition flawlessly.

 Matt Loehrke

Education Director, MCT, Inc. 

His professional attitude was perfectly balanced by his sense of humor and fun-loving charm.


I worked with Adam on a Theatre for Young Audiences production of Androcles and the Lion in September of 2018. Adam brought a great deal of professionalism into rehearsal, as well as a clear vision and carefully thought out direction. His professional attitude was perfectly balanced by his sense of humor and fun-loving charm, as well as his respect for the cast and creative team. He gave the cast a great sense of freedom to play and try new things, never forgetting who his target audience was – children. He is a skilled director that I would gladly work with any day!

Kelsey Seals,

Montana-based Actor & Teaching Artist

Working with Adam Ferguson has always brought reward. 


Whether it’s an intimate show featuring three actors or a rock opera with a large ensemble, the result is electric.  Adam knows how to listen to his actors and create a vision that is ultimately collaborative.

Denver Crawford

NYC, New York-based Actor


He maintained a positive outlook and encouraged self-expression through each individual's creativity.


I first met Adam at the Missoula Children's Theatre. There, he directed MCT's adaptation of Charlotte's Web and I costumed his cast. Not only was Adam prepared and professional, but he also made it a point to have time for any questions or concerns I had throughout production. At the initial design meeting, Adam knew the direction he wanted to go and had a clear concept for our team to draw inspiration from. He maintained a positive outlook and encouraged self-expression through each individual's creativity. The show was a success by all audiences. Needless to say, it was because of Adam's talent and direction.

Katelynn Greenberg

Montana-based Costume Designer

He can roll with the punches like few Directors can!


Adam is a truly wonderful director to work with. He is clear and concise with his requests, is very receptive to creative ideas, and can turn any work into something special. Adam is a great leader and is always willing to lend an ear for members of the team to voice their concerns. He can roll with the punches like few Directors can! My time working as a PSM with Adam at the helm was nothing but pleasant.”


Andrew Wallen Scott

Nashville, Tennessee-based Production Stage Manager

Simply put: a standup human being to collaborate with.

Adam was a consummate professional during our production of American Idiot at Firehouse Theatre. Would definitely collaborate with again.

Dylan Bolinger

Assistant Professor of Theatre, Avila University

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